BigHairyGoal is a mindmapping, brainstorming and progress tracking tool for creatives and software developers. It's build to be simple and effective to use, so you can just let go your flow of creativity.

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What is Big Hairy Goal?

Big Hairy Goal is an easy-to-use tool for getting your ideas down and to arrange them in a way that gives you more insight. The approach is much like a mindmap, but connections between cards can go into any direction. It's more like a brainstorming whiteboard you attach note cards to and connect them with lines, reorder or group them. Big Hairy Goal automatically moves cards aside if you somewhere insert a new one. So when your paper notes ever required a total rewrite because things have gotten too crowded and no space was left to add new notes, you can imagine what Big Hairy Goal does.
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Creative Thinking

Big Hairy Goal does not require you to connect notes, you can easily just add them to the board, move them, group them and later connect them in any sequence that leads towards your goal. Big Hairy Goal is also about to pin ideas down fast. It's loaded with interaction minimizing gestures and shortcuts to support your flow of creativity.

Visual Investigation

If you are a researcher or programmer, you may often need a picture on what is going on, how things stand to each other or things flow and interact. That's normally done using drawing apps and visualized with flowcharts, UML or organizational diagrams. But many of them are cumbersome to use and stand in your way to achieve the most important goal of the task: that you get the idea of what a system is about and to achieve the insight over a hidden cause or solution. And therefore don't bother with complex drawing tools but use BigHairyGoal to create a rough sketch on what's going on.
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Visual Thinking

Big Hairy Goal supports three different types of cards: text, image and url. Drag resources from any location like Finder and Safari or paste a screenshot into your workspace.
Create mood boards, inspiration boards or lightboxes on the fly. Move lesser attractive candidates aside and create groups. Zoom into images by selecting any and pressing the space key, just like what you are accustomed to in Finder.

Getting things done

Big Hairy Goal is a very small progress tracking board.
To design your approach and to measure your progress, cards have attributes like status, size, importance, dependencies, relations and grouping. To keep you focused, all attributes are visualized in clear colors, without distracting visual styles.
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With table groups Big Hairy Goal even helps you keeping track using Kanban boards, level layer boards and something like contingency or cross tables. Table Groups are an extended feature that require a one time purchase to be used. Limited size tables are free and can give you an idea on what you may express with them.
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Watch how it flows

Big Hairy Goal supports your creative thinking process on what to do, what natural approaches may exist and finally getting things done.